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Pictured: the Historic Guard Island Light House

All of our tours are tailored to your interests. The following will give you some ideas. All features are optional.

Alaskan Native Totem Park

The Potlatch Totem Park offers a glimpse of the intricate and beautiful life Alaskan Natives lived here in Southeast Alaska for over 10,000 years. Abundant fish and natural resources allowed the Tlinget, Haida and Tsimshian people extra time to develop incredibly detailed artwork, stories and social structure. Learn about these fascinating cultures and see how their artwork was literally a part of everything they made.

Wildlife of Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan has abundant wildlife that can be observed at many locations while touring around Ketchikan. We can guarantee seeing Eagles. Most likely seals as well. Bears are frequently seen along with the occasional whales. Much wildlife sighting depend on the season and circumstance. We’re always likely to see something interesting!

Bears will flock to salmon streams to feed and gain weight
Bald Eagles are observed all over the place in Ketchikan
Harbor Seal viewed in Ketchikan
Orca are seen occasionally while touring around Ketchikan
Sea Lions also congregate around salmon streams to feed
A Humpback Whale breaches in the distance
Salmon travel to Ketchikan and swim up rivers to reproduce - which makes great opportunities to observe closeup
Salmon swim around a calm river pool
A salmon fin crests the water while passing by in a stream
Ketchikan has an astounding 22 foot tidal range - catch it at the right time to reveal an amazing underwater world
Sea Urchin are frequently seen at low tide
Ochre Starfish seen at a tidal pool
Please note: we can not guarantee specific wildlife sightings.

Ketchikan Flora

Skunk Cabbage grows very large. Bears love eating it’s roots. Natives cooked salmon in it’s leaves.

Salmon Berries are one of the most unique and tasty berries found around Ketchikan.

Ketchikan is in the heart of Alaska’s rainforest boasting an impressive 160 inches of rain per year. Accordingly, our plants are very unique. Many are not seen other places around the world. Many have special healing properties. Also, the berries are fantastic!

Devil’s Club is an interesting plant that has sharp spikes on it’s trunk and leaves. It has been used by Alaskan Natives for it’s healing properties for thousands of years.

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